Trepang2 Gameplay Takes Us Back To The Lovely And Gory Days Of F.E.A.R


Indie developer WilsonC has shared a new video, showing some lovely gore and dismemberment effects from his upcoming indie first-person shooter, Trepang2, which is heavily inspired by Monolith’s magnum opus F.E.A.R. Two seconds into the video and we’re taken straight back 2005 where F.E.A.R’s was breaking new grounds with its innovative shooting mechanics.

Trepang2 promises to feature an immersive single player experience with brutal, fast paced close quarters gunfights reminiscent of Monolith’s good o’d days. The game will also feature chaotic shootouts as well as ninja-like stealth action. The shooting, gore system and the particle effects look pretty darn great.

WilsonC was planning to release a new demo of Trepang2 this Summer, however the plan has been put in hold to allow for more polish and technical fixes. You can try last year’s demo here.

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