If you’re one of the survivors on the ARK, and have a small base built, you’ll figure out the need for transport – quick dinos with good aggressive capabilities, which makes you discover the spinosaurus, one of the fastest yet most aggressive carnivores, being second only to the tyrannosaurus and the giganotosaurus in ferocity. Quite good if one is is tamed under your command, and quite a ferocious enemy if it’s a wild or a pet of a rival tribe! Despite its carnivorous nature (yeah, it’s not nice to end up as lunch for a wild spinosaurus) and its speed ferocity , the spino is a sight to behold, especially want to see it in real life.

Thought that the only way to see the spino is in ARK : Survival Evolved? Wrong. Now you can see a lifelike model of the spinosaurus with your own eyes! Yes, Nadine Schadt is back, and she has made a real and lifelike model of the spino, and should you want a replica of the model, she’s happy to sell it to you. Some pictures of the model can be seen here :

Once again, well done Nadine!

If you want a replica of the model, feel free to order it from :




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