Fast and Furious is one of the biggest movie franchises on Earth. Part of its success is due to Paul Walker, who passed away unfortunately in 2013. As an homage to the Fast and Furious star, Microsoft is doing something special. It has created a custom, one-of-a-kind Xbox One S themed after Walker’s car from the original film. The system is signed by friends of Walker, including co-stars Vin Diesel and Tyrese Wilson, Paul’s brother, Cody Walker, and more.

As The Verge reports, the console will be raffled off on Sunday, October 1 during a charity live stream called Game4Paul. This event is being run by Microsoft and Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW). ROWW is a non-profit charity organization first started by Paul Walker.

“I loved the idea of Xbox going back to when it first started for Paul and The Fast and the Furious with this awesome custom console design,” said Cody Walker in a statement (via PRNewsWire). “It’s so important for the work of ROWW to continue and we’re so appreciative of Xbox designing this Xbox One S and raffling it off as part of our Game4Paul livestream.”

“Our Xbox family is so proud to play a very small part in remembering Paul’s great career and work with ROWW,” said Head of Xbox Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg. “The team put a lot of thought into this custom console design and we are thrilled to pay homage to Paul’s unforgettable Fast and Furious character.”



Those interested in taking part in the raffle or those who simply want to contribute to ROWW can purchase a raffle ticket for $20 on the Game4Paul website. You can watch the third annual Game4Paul stream over at, on the Mixer Xbox channelXbox’s Twitch channel, or on Corey Walker’s Facebook page.


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