Ever since I have started to call myself a gamer, I have a little leaning towards Sony. Most of my gaming memories are on the PlayStation 2, and God of War II remains my all time favorite video game. Having said that, Sony delivered perhaps the most iconic press conference last year (comparable in impact to the infamous PS3 opening conference) at E3.

As a direct impact to that, Sony had a lot of hype to live up to at this year’s E3; coupled with the solid game focused conferences that came before it and Sony’ E3 2014 press conference could never live up to the expectations.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad. it wasn’t bad at all. Its just didn’t have enough new stuff for me to be interested. Yes there was Destiny, yes there was The Order 1886, yes there was Arkham Knight, yes there was Far Cry 4, and yes there was Uncharted 4. But all these are games, that I had heard or knew existed before E3 happened. Where were the new AAA IPs? Where is my God Of War announcement? Where is the PS3 price drop? Where is the ‘OMG’ moment.

To top off on that,  Sony’s conference had a lot of numbers too, and something about a series which will be exclusive to PlayStation owners. There was also the announcement of a brand new white PlayStation set to be launched with Destiny. All of this you can watch in the video above.

The 3 announcements that did pique my interest were:

1) inFamous: First Light, a standalone game made in the inFamous universe (anyone who cares to listen, I loved inFamous Second Son),.

2) The Order 1886. I had earmarked the game to be awesome when it was shown last year; and the gameplay shown at the conference didn’t disappoint at all. But then its Sainta Monica and Ready At Dawn working on that game, so you expect the best.

3) The Last of Us, and GTA V will making the jump to next gen consoles. While GTA V will be coming to all next-gen consoles (and I could care less), the Last Of Us will remain a PlayStation exclusive. The Last Of Us, along with God Of War 3 is probably the game that I missed playing the most (not owning a PS3) and with it coming to PS4 now, maybe I can sleep a little more peaceful at night.

Final Thoughts:

There wasn’t enough new stuff, and all the good stuff is coming too late. The Order, Uncharted and Arkham Knight are all 2015 releases, and it feels too long a wait for a console which is brimming with raw power. The best PlayStation games aren’t actually exclusives. Destiny, Far Cry 4 and GTA V are look gorgeous, but all of them will be cross-platform. In fact Last Of Us remains the only PlayStation exclusive that I am really looking forward to, and even that is not coming out soon enough.

In fact the coverages at their booth which lasted 3 days (the duration of E3 2014) was much more vibrant and impressive.



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