Sony is now Entertainment will now enter the multi-platform gaming business soon under a new name called”Unties”, with games already being set and getting ported soon, with the intention of publishing games across not just Sony platforms, but others including the Nintendo Switch and PC as well, sadly not for the Xbox One.

As some of you wondering what will be Sony Unties’s first game to be ported on the Switch and Pc. The first game to be ported by Sony on multi-platform will be Tiny Metal, an Indie game which is set to release on November 21st on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Unties will bring other upcoming games including the action game Last Standard, coming to PC and other to-be-announced consoles, Merkava Avalanche, a robot action game for PC (and potentially other systems) and the PS4 game Deemo Reborn, set to release on PS4 and feature support for the PlayStation VR.



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