In a country where folk are told to stay with their heads inside their books, and continuously told every now and then that gaming is a waste of time, the rise of e-sports is a spectacular news for the gamers of the country. Despite the rise of e-sports, only popular games like Counter Strike : Global Offensive and DOTA 2 had got the spotlight, till other smaller communities started growing up, and felt the need for tournaments and stuff to encourage e-sports in their respective games. One such community is the Indian Rocket League community. Hidden, or rather, ignored by the people, (who see only Counter Strike or DOTA), yet they exist, organize frequent tournaments in the form of Community Cups, and even meet-ups to help the community socialize. Thing is, little outside support came, not even recognition.

Till today.

Eric Majka, the lead artist at Psyonix Studios, and one of the main people working on the art of Rocket League, had tweeted out to greet the Indian community.

Maybe this means more official support for our fellow players who have to suffer frequent latency issues? And tournaments supported by Psyonix itself? Who knows. For now, someone from the Psyonix dev studio recognizing the hidden Indian community playing Rocket League is a step in the right direction.



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