Psyonix has announced that Rocket League will have its first-ever Haunted Hallows special Event which will commence on October 16. Psyonix will be introducing quite a number of new features in the game during the upcoming event.


The Event system introduces a new limited-time currency, with the first being Candy Corn! All one needs to do to earn it is to play (and complete) Online Matches. In order to use Candy Corn, one needs to click the ‘Special Event’ button on the main menu screen. From there, one can redeem Halloween Items, Decryptors, and Locked “Haunted Hallows” Crates.

Candy Corn can be spent throughout the Event, and will expire one week after Haunted Hallows is over, but Items purchased with Candy Corn DO NOT expire at the end of the event, and will remain in the inventory forever!


Decryptors are the newest way to unlock Crates in Rocket League and they can be used for any Crate in the game (including Event Crates). The only way to get Decryptors is to buy them with Candy Corn. Any Crate Item unlocked through the use of Decryptors will be untradeable. If one wants to trade an unlocked item, then a normal Key must be used.


The new ‘Haunted Hallows’ Event Crates are only available during the Haunted Hallows event, and there are three ways to get them. As always, one can get a new Crate as a drop after some Online Matches, and  can also buy the Crate using Candy Corn. In both cases, one can open the Crate with a Key or a Decryptor. Event Crates can also be bought directly, similar to how you buy Keys, and any purchased ‘Haunted Hallows’ Crate will not require a Key or Decryptor to unlock. Purchased Crates will not be tradeable, but items from purchased crates can be traded after the normal seven-day trade hold window.

Finally, the Haunted Hallows Event Crates will not be updated for next Halloween. If you decide to wait a year to open one of these Crates, it will still have the same potential item inside as it does during this event.

The Haunted Hallows event gets rolling this Monday, October 16 at 5pm PDT, so get ready to earn some Candy Corn.

Haunted Hallows Event Start Time

  • Monday, October 16 at 5pm PDT (5:30 am IST/8pm EDT/2am CEDT on October 17)

Haunted Hallows Event End Time

  • Monday, November 6 at 10am PST (10:30pm IST/1pm EST/7pm CET)


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