As it can be taken into consideration that Video games this year are receiving GOTY/Complete/Ultimate editions, is it really surprising that Persona 5 is receiving one?!

Now this isn’t the re-release with new content and gameplay. But if you’ve been waiting to play one of the best PS4 games released this year AND in my opinion, one of the best JRPGs to be released in years, now is your chance to do so! As the Ultimate Edition comes with ALL the DLC that has been released on the PlayStation Store so far!

They’re also bundling all the other past Persona game DLC and Personas available for Persona 5.

These pricing are listed in Australian, so the pricing of these DLCs are yet to be confirmed worldwide,you really don’t need all those additional costumes and Personas to enjoy the game. If you can find a deal on the regular game, you’re in for one helluva’ ride.

Persona 5 might be up for GOTY


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