In today’s modern PC gaming, Piracy has been a great concern for game devs as it is illegal and now most people in the gaming community have heard about Denuvo and it’s failure to protect AAAgames from Piracy or even hackers.

Now game Devs Team Ninja, has decided to not use Denuvo’s Anti-Tamper tech, although its refreshing to know that Nioh will not use Denuvo’s tech as it is a highly anticipated game coming out for PC, so we at indiannoob believe that KOEI Tecmo did the right thing here.

In an interview with Fumihiko Yasuda he confirmed that the game won’t lock graphics settings. A lot of users believed that the team would be offering two locked graphics settings: Action and Movie. However, it appears that these are just two of the available presets. As such, PC gamers will be able to independently adjust the graphics settings.

A lot of companies used Denuvo in order to keep their games safe – from pirates – for at least a respectable number of days. However, cracking groups are now able to crack/hack Denuvo in a matter of hours. Therefore, and at this point, there is no reason at all for publishers to use Denuvo in their games as it makes their games legit vunerable to hackers.

Anyways, whats good and satisfying to know is that Team Ninja wont be using Denuvo’s anti-Tamper tech, in hopes of offering a decent PC version of the game and also a proper Mouse+keyboard function, Yes! Nioh is a Console game and since it’s coming to Pc, it better get a good third person controls like GTAV and other Third person games



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