Morphite, the atmospheric Sci-Fi first-person shooter with various platformer elements from  Crescent Moon GamesBlowfish Studios, and We’re Five Games, is now out and available for Nintendo Switch.
Morphite’s main quest takes place on meticulously detailed hand-crafted planets, while millions of strategically-created worlds await in optional side quests.
Engage in epic dogfights with dangerous creatures and combative forces while exploring each corner of the cosmos in your ship and fight with an roster of weapons in first person combat.
Living amid the stars as space station worker Myrah Kale. Uncover her forgotten past and the connection to Morphite, a legendarily rare resource. With the help of Kitkat, her robotic feline companion, Myrah sets out on a quest to find the substance and herself in the process.
As said by Ben Lee, CEO, Blowfish Studios “Morphite offers players a grand, galaxy-spanning adventure to take part in. We’re happy to finally share both Myrah’s story and Morphite’s rich procedurally-generated universe with the Nintendo Switch community.”
To learn more about Morphite, please explore the official website.
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