Metal Gear survive is split between a single-player and co-op experience but sadly according to the games official website an internet connection is required for both.

Metal Gear Survive has done what most single-player gamers despise, adding an internet connection requirement to their single-player aspect of the game is further pushing for this game to get bagged on as soon as it’s released. According to the games official website a requirement for the game is an “internet connection is required to play the game.”

For those wondering why Metal Gear Survive has a requirement of a internet connection to play here is what Konami has to say:

Metal Gear Survive is composed of two main modes: Single Player and Co-op. Single Player takes you through the story of Metal Gear Survive while learning fundamental gameplay elements. Single Player lets you explore a strange ruined world as you seek answers and a way to return home. These skills will be put to the test in online Co-op mode. Progress and rewards obtained in both Single Player and Co-op mode carry over and apply to your character across both modes.”

Metal Gear Survive will be released on PC on February 20th 2018.


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