In what happens to be a sad blow to the proud people celebrating the rise of esports in India, as team Entity Gaming shows some decent performance at BenQ Zowie eXTREMESLAND 2017, and Rocket League India is all set to send in two teams to participate in a cross-nation Asian Cup, JMD Gaming happened to lose one of their players due to the same reason as Team SemperX’s forsaken.

Kashef “Screamy1tap” Ahmed of JMD Gaming was banned because of his alleged association with a VAC banned account. A quick protest raised against JMD Gaming on allegations of cheating (against Screamy1tap), and subsequent investigations by the ESL India staff resulted in a ban for Screamy1tap for 2 years from all ESL events, while JMD Gaming is disqualified from the event and the next team, Team Elements, is allowed to compete in their place. JMD Gaming is allowed to compete in future events, provided they find a replacement for Screamy1tap.

This punishment reeks of the one handed out to Nikhil ‘forsaken’ Kumawat of Team SemperX, due to the investigation following Team Iyati’s complaint. Should there really be a regulatory body investigating every player before a tournament, or will mishaps like these continue to occur (and create a bad name for the esports scene in India)?




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