PlayStation 4 players in Fortnite have found themselves facing off against Xbox One users and vice-versa. This cross-platform play was first reported on Reddit. Here’s what user PRE_-CISION-_ had to say:

“I was just playing Fortnite on my Playstation 4 and ran into a group of teamers at the end of Battleroyale… surprise… and noticed I got killed by an odd gamertag.”

  • zCypher Nine
  • ” here is a link of the twitch VOD as proof of whom i was killed by, his friends and the fact I was using a PS4.”

“That gamer tag is IMPOSSIBLE to create on PS4 because of the space. On PSN you are only able to add underscores into gamertags. So I typed it in with an underscore just figuring it was a glitch. Nope, no dice. I am lucky enough to own both a PS4 and [Xbox One]. So I switch over to my XB1 and boom, instant results. I also searched his friend he was teaming with RatoDoGlobal… boom instant results.”

Check out the clip below that shows PS4 and Xbox One crossplay going on in Fortnite:

But sadly all things good must come to an end, As spokesperson for Epic Games told Polygon that it was a “configuration issue” that has “now been corrected.”

Fortnite will release as a free-to-play title in 2018, and players can currently purchase the Founder’s Pack to play it now.


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