As most of you know that  Fortnite is a pretty big and a popular game by now. As has been said in my last article about Fortnite hitting the 10 million player mark in just two weeks of time, it also had been infested with hackers/cheaters.

Now the developers of the game and it’s publisher Epic Games has been taking ‘Fortnite’ cheating very seriously. After banning thousands of accounts, the company has filed lawsuits against two prolific cheaters.

Nobody likes a cheater. And nobody likes playing with cheaters,” ~ Epic Games

Last week, Epic Games addressed that warding out cheaters in Fortnite is the company’s top most priority, hinting that they would not stop banning users who do not play by their book.

We are constantly working against both the cheaters themselves and the cheat providers. And it’s ongoing, we’re exploring every measure to ensure these cheaters are removed and stay removed from Fortnite Battle Royale and the Epic ecosystem,” the company wrote.

Looks like they weren’t making deadpan threats. As mentioned about those two prolific cheaters , Epic Games had taken Legal Actions against them.

Thanks to TorrentFreak, we were able to obtain those two complaints that were filed in a North Carolina federal court this week. This shows that Epic has indeed instigated a legal battle against cheaters.

The cheaters identified as Mr. Broom and Mr. Vraspir were accused of violating Fortnite’s terms of service and EULA by cheating in game. This involves modifying and changing the game’s codes to produce advantages that would benefit one and harm the other, thereby committing copyright infringement in the process.

It has been reported that both of these cheaters got their cheats from a website called They were also reported to have been targeting streamers or group of streamers and were observed making comments such as ‘LOL I f*cked them’ after killing them.

According to Epic’s comment, they revealed that Mr. Vraspir had been banned at least nine times earlier but registered new accounts in order to continue cheating. He also stands accused of having written code for the cheats. As for Mr. Broom,  Broom was banned once and previously stated that he had also been working on his own cheats. He publicly stated that he aims to create “unwanted chaos and disorder” in Fortnite and said the game would be targeted by more cheat providers in the coming months.

Although, these two players have been subjected to lawsuit and had to pay a sum of $150,000 for the damage done, does this mean that other major multiplayer game companies like Bluehole, Blizzard, Valve and Riot games will be taking the same approach? Will be endorse filing serious legal take down orders against cheaters and cheat providers?

Here are copies of the full complaints against Vraspir and Broom; courtesy of TorrentFreak.



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