BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe have announced that MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE is now available for digital pre-order on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Digital, ahead of the game’s release on 26th October, 2018.

By pre-ordering, players will gain access to an additional character to call upon in their fight against evil, Endeavour the “Flame Hero”, second only to All Might in strength, but possess a deep and burning desire to be the No.1 Hero. Endeavour will also be available to purchase from launch.

MY HERO ONE’S JUSTICE enables players to form a three-person squad made up of their favourite U.A. High students and teachers, such as Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Tsuyu Asui and Shoto Todoroki. Squads can also include Pro Heroes, such as All Might and Eraserhead, and  reprehensible villains such as Stain, Dabi, and Himiko Toga, all fighting for their ideals in over-the-top three-dimensional, environment-destroying battles.


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