So Destiny 2 huh? If you have landed in EDZ already or planning to take a trip soon, we are sure you will be wondering about how things work in Destiny 2. How can I unlock new sub-classes? When can I get my hands on a Sparrow? When can I get my hands on my pre-order bonuses? And may more such questions.

Well I had the same questions myself, when I fired up Destiny 2 a few days ago, and through my journey of discovery and trial and error, I bring you the fruits of my labor. This article will act as a hub to the various tips and tricks I have discovered in Destiny 2 which will be able to help you out in the game when you finally decide to lace up our guardian’s boot.

If there is something which you would like to be covered, or if you would like to add to it, please feel free to drop a comment, and we will happy to oblige and credit wherever necessary.



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