Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has officially released in China for the first time.

Chinese publisher Perfect World has introduced its version of CS:GO to China in collaboration with the game developers, Valve. The world-famous first-person shooter is finally available to mainland China, featuring low-latency in-game servers and instant Prime matchmaking status. Users who verify their identity with Perfect World can also play the game for free.

A number of symbols in the game have been altered for the Chinese release, including the removal of the hammer and sickle symbols on Cache and Train.

Players who play CS:GO during the launch month will also receive a free promotional gift package to commemorate their entrance into the world of Counter-Strike. That drop includes two stickers from CS:GO Perfect World sticker capsules one and two and one graffiti spray from the CS:GO Perfect World graffiti capsule. Those stickers and graffiti can be bought worldwide after the launch month in October.

To play the game in China, users can download the CS:GO Launcher from the Perfect World website. They also have the option to launch the game through the Perfect World client using the command “-perfectworld” after registering an account. Then they can grind the game to their heart’s content.


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