CD Projekt has recently published its financial results for the first half of this year. In that period they’ve generated a net profit of 118.5 million PLN ($33 million), beating the consensus/expectations by 21.5%. The Witcher series continues to generate profits for the company. Indeed CDPR generated majority of the profit, with GOG responsible for just over $3.5 million in net profit (12.5 million PLN).

Furthermore, the company sits on over $200 million in cash (796 million PLN) and is in an overall good financial situation. Three months ago they paid out a dividend of $28 million to their shareholders.

In other news, CD Projekt is about to join the FTSE Emerging Markets (Mid Cap) index on 15/09/2017.

CD Projekt is currently worth over $2.2 billion.

Other bits and pieces:

  • GOG has over 2100 games in its catalogue from over 550 developers and publishers
  • CD Projekt has offices in Warsaw, Krakow, Shanghai and LA. The latter 2 do not take part in game production.
  • 97% of CD Projekt’s income came from export, with 60% representing clients in the US and 24.4% those in the EU.

    Full Financial Reports (in polish)

Source here


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