Battleborn’s final update has gone live as developer Gearbox moves across to work on the next rumoured Borderlands game.

Battleborn’s autumn update is the multiplayer shooter’s last patch. It adds skins, taunts, titles and finishers. There are some gameplay balance tweaks and bug fixes, too. The patch notes are over on Gearbox’s website and the servers will be online and will be looked after by a small dev team.

Battleborn came out in may 2016, in the hopes of combining the MOBA and FPS genre, but that unfortunately failed when Overwatch came out, which made it a struggling competition in the MOBA+FPS genre, although Gearbox tried to win back the fanbase with Balance patch and new content updates but it failed miserably. In June, Gearbox launched a free trial that made Battleborn free-to-play in a last ditch attempt to rekindle interest in the game.

Now, all eyes now turn to Borderlands 3, which has yet to be officially announced but which everyone knows is Gearbox’s next major title.


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